About us

We are a coalition of fishers, processors and unit holders from Western Australia, all working to stop David Kelly putting lobsters and fishing families at risk.

The Western Australia rock lobster industry is by far Australia’s most successful single species fishery and is recognised around the world as one of the world’s most sustainable and ecologically responsibly fisheries.

Our industry has come together to stop what could be a disaster.


Generations of hardworking WA families have built this industry up over 60 years. It’s a major employer, the backbone of many small towns up and down the coast, and it’s a world leader in sustainability. WA’s Western Rock Lobster industry pumps about $500 million into the State economy each year and directly employs more than 2,400 locals, with a further 6,000 dependent on the industry for most of their income. It is Australia’s most valuable fishery.

Fishing Families WA and their supporters do not want any of the government’s “offered” benefits such as the Spiny Rock Lobster institute or the industry development package.  We are seeking more secure access rights and would be pleased to work out a fair package that provides the WA public with more benefits from the industry built by fishers, processors and unit holders.
The industry is a major employer and supports thousands of West Australians and their families.  We deserve certainty, but there hasn’t even been any real consultation. There are many ways the government can get a higher return from the industry without putting the whole industry at risk and we are developing our own proposals. 

David Kelly says he will increase the rock lobster quota by a staggering 27 per cent from 6,300 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes – but keep 17.3 per cent of that for itself to lease or sell to the private sector. This devalue current crayfishing businesses and hurt regional communities which rely on the industry. 

  • The sustainability of the industry, and its international sustainable accreditation will be placed at risk;
  • Major banks have already raised concerns with the government, and are reviewing fishing family businesses;
  • Rights-based management of fisheries throughout Australia will be destroyed. This type of government ownership undermines the confidence and property rights nationally in all fishery licence/permits. This means the other issue for the state is sovereign risk;
  • There will be less catch available for recreational lobster fishers;
  • Putting Western Rock Lobster product into the domestic market at subsidised prices will crash the export market and allow interstate lobster traders to ship it to other states for sale or even export. The Government has no control over this interstate trade and no plan to respond to it.

The State Government will increase the rock lobster quota by a staggering 27 per cent from 6,300 tonnes to 8,000 tonnes, but keep 17.3 per cent of that for itself to lease or sell to the private sector.

In 2000, WA’s West Coast Rock Lobster fishery was the first in the world to be certified as ecologically sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. This certification is based on a 6,300 tonne catch, not the 8,000 tonne catch proposed by the Minister. This proposed increase is very likely to put the certification under threat and have a marked impact on exports.

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