The Western Rock Lobster needs your help. The families that fish the Western Rock Lobster need your help. Fisheries Minister David Kelly wants to put lobster sustainability and our fishing families at risk.

Over 70 years fishing families have built the Western Rock Lobster industry in WA. The lobster industry is the backbone of towns up and down the coast.

Fishing families have made our lobster industry one of the world’s most sustainable fisheries. Our industry employs more people than any of the ‘big four’ banks in WA.

It creates thousands of jobs in the regions.

The Fisheries Minister David Kelly may put all this at risk.

His plan will see 27 per cent more lobsters fished and the government take 17.3 per cent of the industry from the families that built it. This will put the industry’s global sustainability leadership and potential export accreditation at risk.

This will destroy fragile regional communities, already reeling from WA’s poor economic performance and government cuts.

His plan will destroy confidence in a globally successful fishery. This will be a disaster for recreational fishers as well as the families of professional fishers.

David Kelly has done this with no real consultation, no economic modelling and no sound justification.

If this can happen to WA’s fishing families, what industry is next? 

Here’s what you can do to help…


Email your MP

We need you to email the members of WA’s Legislative Council and ask them to vote against this reform, which will put our industry at risk!

OUR Families

"Generations of hardworking WA families have built this industry up over 60 years. It’s a major employer, the backbone of many small towns up and down the coast and is a world leader in sustainability. With three weeks’ notice, no real consultation, no sound justification, and no offer of compensation Fisheries Minister, David Kelly, walks in like a bull in a China shop and wants to upend the industry."
Clinton Moss
"Our family has been directly involved in Western Australian fishing industries since the late eighteen hundreds. We are now into our sixth generation. Now, we have a new Minister, with no understanding of his portfolio who, like a bandit, wants a piece of the cash-flow he perceives as profit."
Peter Prideaux

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